Duckworth & Son is a Sydney based company, specialising in traditional hand painted signwriting, commercial art and decorative art finishes.

Rhys Duckworth sought to create the company after gaining invaluable experience whilst training with some of Melbourne and Sydney’s premier sign shops and decorative art specialists. With 25 years experience, a passion for traditional signs, time honoured crafts and techniques-passed down by his father- himself a signwriter, Rhys has dedicated himself to exceeding his clients expectations.

“Hand, eye, heart” is how Rhys’s father described the art of signwriting to him as a young boy, emphasising the passion and dedication required to achieve outstanding results. Rhys’s father has passed down his tools now, though his experience, knowledge and continued support remains integral to our aim, his legacy of “Honour thine craft” still rings true.

“Our expert practice is built on a sense of integrity, honesty and obligation, not only to our clients, but to ourselves and the creative arts”.                                                                                                                                Rhys Duckworth


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Work with us

We encourage collaborations with interior designers and other creatives, and hold the view that the processes involved should be exiting and fun, resulting in an inspiring end product.

If this sounds like you, let’s work together!

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Finding talented craftsmen isn’t an easy job, nor is finding people who honestly stand by their word.

Dealing with Rhys made me realise that truly talented, professional, hard working, good people still exist.

He made promises and he delivered. He took instructions well, but was also happy to offer advice.

He wasn’t imposing and he proved very easy to deal with. He was also very punctual, and committed to getting the job done right the first time.

Rhys has gained my respect as a worker, an artist and as the gentleman he is. I will continue to use and recommend his services myself and to others without hesitation.

Well done and keep up the good work Rhys!


Petar Tasik

Owner, Fabrika and Madera Restaurants.